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Demon Hunter RDTA
Weight: 126g
Units: PCS

25mm Diameter,Unique Design,18K Gold Plated Adjustable Pin.

Demon Hunter firstly adapt medium hole oil injection system.
DH is the first real Rebuildable Drip Tank Atomizer by Smokjoy.
DH is made of 304 stainless steel and pyrex glass,making it both durable and fashionable.
Not only does it have wide open space for easy of installing coils and cotton,
it also has large air inlet slots for huge vapor production and the airflow can
be adjusted to your preference as well. The wide mouthpiece is another plus
to great vaping and nice flavor.

Main Features:

1. 25mm Diameter
2. 2.8ml tank reservoir
3. Thread:510
4. 18K Gold plated adjustable pin
5. 47mm Height
6. Optimum Wattage:30W-150W

7. Medium hole oil injection system

8. Color:Stainless / Black  / Gold

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